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Electric VioFan (EVF)

All EVF fans and accessories.

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
E1500-90 BVM EVF 3 12SE with a YGE E.S.C.

EVF 3 12SE with a YGE E.S.C.

We have been flying this upgraded EVF 12S power plant for 2 years and now have it available for BVM "E" flyer enthusiasts. Advantages: ...


E1300-95 BVM EVF 2 10s 9er

EVF 2 10s 9er

160+ mph and 6-7 minute flights are just right for many of our customers. This system is our most simple to operate and economical to own and it...


E1300-90 BVM EVF 3 12S 9er

EVF 3 12S 9er

EVF 9 Blade 12S Fan Unit. An additional 3 Lbs. of thrust is available with the EVF ~3~ 12s system. A larger motor and 2 extra LiPo cells gives us a...


E1600-92 BVM EVF 3 16S 9er

EVF 3 16S 9er

24+ # of thrust 8150 watts, high in-flight speed, and longer flight time.


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