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Master Airscrew Razor Plane MA4100

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Master Airscrew Razor Plane for Balsa Wood.

This Master Airscrew Razor Plane has been engineered to use a special .017" X 1-3/4" blade and the depth of cut can be adjusted with the two blade stop screws. It is important that the blade be as sharp as possible when cutting balsa, especially if cross grain work is done.

To install blade and adjust, remove the center screw and blade retainer. The stop screws are each corner of the blade should be backed out about one turn. Put in new blade with screw and retainer, being careful not to over-torque the screw. This screw only needs to be snug. Now make a trial cut on scrap, turning the stop screws in until the desired cut is made. If you over adjust, loosen everything and start over.

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  • Model: BVMJETS

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