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Vpoxy Kit

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  • Aeropoxy is white, Vpoxy is clear
  • Aeropoxy is totally thixotropic - i.e. it will not run or sag. Vpoxy is slightly less thixotropic - thus it may penetrate some materials better.
  • Aeropoxy initial setup time is about 3 hours at 75F. Vpoxy initial setup time is about 1 hour at 75F.
  • Technical data on the strength properties of both glues render them about the same.
  • Aeropoxy and/or Vpoxy are Aerospace grade adhesives and the strongest epoxy based glues available to the modeler.

BVM has been using this Aerospace grade glue for about a year to glue sub assemblies on our Ultra Bandit and F-100's.
We are offering it for the general market by popular demand from our Ultra and F-100 customers that like what they received.
It requires a 2:1 plunger if you already have an Aeropoxy dispenser gun.

The Vpoxy glue kit (#PA-SR-0005 - $79.95) contains an applicator gun, 4 short mix nozzles, 2 long mix nozzles and 2 glue cartridges. Also available are replacement glue cartridges (#PA-SR-0004 - $13.95 ea); short nozzle 6pk (#9570 - $7.50); short nozzle 24pk (#9572 - $23.75); and long nozzle 2pk (#9568B - $3.25).

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  • Model: PA-SR-0005
  • Manufactured by: BVM

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