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Safe Parallel Board for JST-XH & XT90

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  • Model: V-PR-AC-SPBJ9
  • Manufactured by: Progressive RC


The perfect marriage of safety and convenience, our new safe parallel boards are ready to make charging hassles a thing of the past.

The board comes fully fuse protected, with 40A blade fuses on the main circuit and self-resetting polyfuses protecting your balance plugs. The board can handle packs from 2S-6S and is capable of charging up to four packs at once with a maximum total charge rate of 35A. Need to charge more packs? Simply daisy chain multiple boards together and there's no limit to how many you can connect.

With both main and balance cables included to connect to whatever charger you're using, this is a true plug-and-play solution.

Balance Input Connectors 2S-6S JST-XH
Balance Output Connector 6S JST-XH
Charge Input Connectors Female XT90 (female housing with male bullets)
Charge Output Connector Male XT90 (male housing with female bullets) - also includes an XT90 to male banana plug adapter
Wire Type 12 AWG silicone wire main lead; 20 AWG silicone wire balance lead
Wire Length 6"
Dimensions 151x77x17mm