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HSDJETS F-16 Foam Turbine Belgian Colors PNP

$1,649.90  $1,399.90
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FREE Shipping: Customers ordering airplanes, either PNP or Kit, will receive free shipping within the Continental United States. Placing other items in the cart with an airplane for free shipping, voids the privilege of free shipping. It is suggested to place two separate orders if needing parts or accessories.

Not recommended for grass runways

Q: What does KIT means?
A: It means aircraft comes without any electronic equipment, such as motor, ESC, servos, remote control, battery, etc. Clients have to buy these equipment themselves.
Q: What does KIT+L means?
A: It's a KIT version but comes with landing gear installed.
Q: What does PNP means?
A: It means the aircraft got equipment already installed and tested, but clients have to buy remote control, receiver, battery and the charger themselves. For example: servos, ESC, power system, landing gear, control system(UBEC included but no power supply), light cables(according to the model of aircrafts).It's a 90% installation. Note: turbojet series products do not include turbojet engine.
Q: What does PNP+T means?
A: It's a PNP version with engine(general means turbine) installed and tested. It's a 95% installation.
Q: What does RTF means?
A: It means the aircraft comes with completely equipment installation(including battery supply, charger, remote control and receiver). It's a 100% installation.

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  • Model: HSD A16060200X
  • Manufactured by: HSD Jets

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