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#2 X 3/16" Button Head Panel Screws 30pk


#2 X 3/16" Button Head Panel Screws 30pk

 Jets, WWII models and even scale helicopters sometimes require removable panels that yield access to servos and other components. Jets also have other special requirements, such as attaching thin fiberglass parts.
     The socket head panel screws (SHPS) from BVM may be just what's needed to accomplish the task and have the finished product look great. The very small dome shaped head with its .050" hex socket and black finish will appear very scale-like in most applications.
 The 3/8" long self-tap screw thread is just right for attaching thin fiberglass panels made from BVM's "Poly Ply" materials. 

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  • Model: BVM5625
  • Manufactured by: BVM

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