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General Purpose Jet-Foam Cradle


Originally developed for the BVM 84" Sabre Jet, this Jet-Foam Cradle works well for many medium size jets such as the Bandit, Electra, MiG-15, and F-100.

The distance between the End Brackets can be adjusted on the PVC Tubes and the Velcro Straps will hold the model for field assembly, disassembly, and transport, as well as being very handy in the
shop while you work on the model.

Review the accompanying enclosures and the photos below to see the advantages a BVM Jet-Foam Cradle offers.

Modify as desired
A razor saw or sharp knife can be used to put a "V" notch in an End Bracket if that best suits your model. Outline the desired modification with tape, then cut.

Made in the U.S.A. with BVM Jet-Foam
The Jet-Foam Cradle will not scratch or dent your model, but gently hold and "cradle" it while you are working on it in your shop or assembling / disassembling it at the flying field. The Velcro straps are handy for some modeling tasks such as installing the wings and transporting the model in a van or trailer.

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  • Model: PA-SR-0080
  • Manufactured by: BVM

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