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BVM Series Power Plug 2

Price :
  • Model: E1000M-MA013
  • Manufactured by: BVM


BVM Series Power Plug 2 used with 10S

2 Male Input and 1 Male Output

Less Restrictive, Runs Cooler and Handles More Current

Tested over 130 AMP's

BVM is constantly looking at new ways to improve products to better serve our customers.

We have been testing these new Series Power Plugs for sometime now. The new Series Plugs handle higher currents better. They are larger in size and have larger contacting surfaces. Another benefit to the new plug is the ability to offer an Anti-Spark Plug to our ESC's on the 10S and 12S EVF units. Our new 14S EVF unit already has Anti-Spark in the ESC.

These New Series Plugs are Male Inputs with Male Outputs. The BVM EVF system has a Female Plug already installed on it. This is done because we have an Anti-Spark Female Plug and a Non Anti-Spark Female Plug. 10S and 12S Versions will have the Anti-Spark Female Plug. The 14S Versions will have the Non Anti-Spark Female Plug since the ESC already has it built in.

Anti-Spark Plugs are not rated above 50V use.