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Set of 5 Including Handle


Small Needle Files Fine

Set of 5 Small Needle Files Fine Grit 140 mm overall length. Gritted length 7.5cm.

Set includes Hand (Flat), Square, Triangle (3 square), Half Round and Round File.

Unlike conventional Needle Files Fine Grit Perma Grit files cut in any direction, and will cut Plastics, Plywood, Balsa, GRP, Carbon fibre. Perfect for small detail work in confined areas, robust long life files.
Use with or without a Handle, fits the LNFH Handle with 5mm collet.

Unlike conventional Needle Files Fine Grit, they cut in any direction and will cut Plastics, Woods, Fibreglass, Ceramics, Stone, Carbon fibre, PCB, Kevlar, Laminates, Polystyrene etc. Complex sanding in confined places.

FINE grit is approx. equivalent to UK 320 / US 120 sandpaper.

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  • Model: NF-1H
  • Manufactured by: PermaGrit

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